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The Timely Tale of Enitan
At some point, someone had had the wisdom to draw the comparison between adversity and wind.  Sonic knew a lot about wind; the way it was everywhere, veiled in the deceitful mask of stagnant air, begging for the slightest suggestion to send it into a fury of disruption and entropy. He knew how it thrust against you when you ran, how the harder you pushed against it the thicker and more impenetrable it became, until you reached the threshold of equilibrium. It, succumbing to your own intentions, would be a boost- pushing you further once you've beaten it.  He also knew that it was currently spitting ashy remnants at a less than grateful echidna.
"Gah! It doesn't matter where I go, it FOLLOWS ME!" Knuckles stood up for the upteenth time, kicking sand into the arching flame of the fire.
Rouge snorted, "Don't flatter yourself, Knuckie."
Knuckles stopped before whipping around to glare at her. "I'm not doing anything! It wont leave me alone!"
"It's just smoke Knuckles." Amy toyed
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Odyssey: Chapter 4 Submission
Odyssey ll prompt chapter 4
Maya's fingers lingered on the blade, braced on her hip, evaluating the strength of its
constitution, the fortitude of its resolve. Her resolve. Whatever her motives, her
convictions were subject to sentience- to weakness. The mass coagulating within its
host, writhing, squirming, feeding, was relentless in its pursuit. It was nothing but a
cellular abomination, a thief, a parasite. But there was something within her, some
goddamn thing that stayed her hand from emulsifying that grisly flesh and
penetrating, over and over, into its bloody remains. It wasn't empathy,
really, her relation to the beast hijacking the faculties of the human before her, a
scourge driven only by its baser compulsions, was minimal. She'd slaughtered the
putrid little creatures before—scores of them—depleting their numbers by dozens.
Guilt was a closer approximation, but not accurate, by definition. Harboring guilt
implied some great expression of kindness, of love, that contrasted w
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Phantom Pregnancy ch. 4
"Two paths lie ahead in wake…" I muttered to myself, my head face down on the desk.
Our philosophy teacher sauntered into the room and took note of the dismal attendance, and I doubted he needed his doctorate to figure it out.
Friday wasn't busy at school- it never was. A lot of kids skipped out in favor of sleep in preparation for the weekend. But this Saturday had upped the ante for the usual campfire cabaret; Dash was hosting a party at his parent's cabin by the lake while they attended some college football game out of town. A Dash party wasn't a party- it was anarchy. Benches got torched, forest fires got started, and valuables got just a bit less smashed than everyone else. Of course, I hadn't been invited, and it really suited me just fine; I had a lot of other things to deal with.
Mr. Samberg was probably the most average looking guy you could get. A lofty top of blond hair, brown eyes and an expressive face that was beginning to line with wrinkles. He wasn't particularly
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Phantom Pregnancy ch. 3
She looked at me, then Tucker, and then Sam in a stately fashion, letting her eyes quickly appraise each of us in turn. Satisfied, she relaxed into an easy smile, and became comfortable enough to stand rather than float- a comfort for us all, actually.
The power plant whirred with silent energy. Forgotten machines randomly discharging sparks and the creatures that had made homes within them scratching and rustling amongst wires and metal. But it was a cold silence, and it was less appreciated by me than it was this stranger. Sam shifted her weight to her left boot, skepticism written all over her face and crossed arms. Tucker looked mildly unsettled, and I caught him trying to catch my eye for further instruction. For my part I was impatient, and the sounds and hums of this destitute building were amplifying my annoyance.
It bothered me that I didn't know anything about her. The Ghost Zone was infinite; there had to be billions of ghosts I didn't know. But only a handful ever featured
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Odyssey: Into 2012 Ch.2 The Finer Things
Odyssey: Into 2012
Ch.2: The Finer Things
It wasn't that much to ask for. Honestly.
The wind whipped about her face, reddening her cheeks and violently
assaulting her hair. Not that she had put much effort into it, anyway; other matters
had taken precedence. Like staying alive. She tucked a flippant strand behind her
Now if only the storm would let up.
Tokyo was subject to storms this time of year, not necessarily to the tsunamis and
hurricanes that affected its coasts, but from head winds that had finished
demolishing rural fishing ports. Despite precautions taken over the centuries and
the excessive industrial development, it wasn't uncommon
for property damage to be sustained to some of the less fortunate buildings,
particularly those that didn't stand 200 stories high. The night was cold and
unforgiving. Those left without shelter sought refuge in the derelict remnants of the
old town, left long abandoned for better prospects and longer received by broken
bottles and broken pe
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Odyssey: Into 2012 Ch.1 Dissonance
Odyssey: Into 2012
Chapter 1: Dissonance
It was odd, to be both seduced with action and sickened with repercussion.
The unviable paradox of satiation and depletion, the simple contradiction of being
appalled at your own wretched anarchy and finding guiltless delight in it. It would
have been one thing, quite a different circumstance altogether in fact, had it been a
matter of rebellion. Were it a simple case of moral deviation or blatant disregard for
social constitution, swallowing the collection of bile could be easily washed back
with the copulation of alcohol in her throat. But it wasn't. She hadn't snuck from the
confines of her house under the shawl of night; she hadn't flipped off a cop while
blasting obscene cacophony from a stereo held above her head. She had killed
people, that much she knew. She didn't know who, or why. She just knew how, every
impetuous, glorified detail of how. But what sent the reverberations down her spine,
sent the nerves and sickness and ethics retreat
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 14
Locke lost whatever fear he seemed to possess, momentarily at least, and casually shifted his weight onto his leading leg, the permanent scar of a smile receding into the crevices of his maw.
"Well, then, why don't-"
Locke broke off mid-sentence, his form becoming a projectile that crushed against the steel wall, collapsing in a heap; leaving a smoldering fissure of it as he slid.  Silence. The form rose slowly to its feet, knees refusing to cripple under the damage, bruises lacing the full exterior of the exposed forearms and legs. Locke whisked his hand across his mouth, drawing a thick quantity of blood, a choking pool forming twice as quick.
He spat, emptying his mouth before it replenished again. "You'll regret that."
Sonic stood and replied tonelessly. "Not as much as you will"
Locke took time to scrutinize his opponent, his anger faltered. "What…are you?"
Motionless before he struck, Sonic clasped his hand around his victim's throat. Unblinking, unmoving, Dark Son
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Phantom Pregnancy ch. 2
Needless to say, I didn't feel like sleeping. That's a lie; I want to sleep, but I cant, not even if my afterlife depended on it.  I roll on my stomach and whip off the covers, hoping like the tired kid I was that it was a miracle cure for insomnia. Nope. At least the Guys In White hadn't been an issue. Not that they ever posed a major threat, but they hadn't even merited the title pain in the ass. It was a routine check or something, another futile search for the ghost boy they were convinced my parents kept in the attic. Well, they were half right. School hadn't even been that bad today, with Dash and the rest of the football team off on some tournament, and Lancer going as 'moral support', which was an easy excuse to slack off work and dealing with kids who fell asleep in your class.  So what was it? I'd like to blame it on the lack of ghosts that'd shown up, but I had been willing enough to sleep earlier when the topic came up. So I was left with the only possib
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Percy Jackson:6th book fanmade
And Another one bites
  the dust
70. I was at 70. I tapped my pencil boredly against a scrap piece of paper covered in doodles while I tallied how many times the teacher could say 'um' in an hour.  To me, he amounted to another teacher who wasted a lifetime trying to enlighten children and ignite the passion of learning while droned on about some useless topic would never need. For me, living to 16 was an amazing feat, let alone living to an age I would need to get an actual job. If I didn't die first, I would probably get expelled anyway. Again. I sighed and leaned back my head. The school year had just started, so camp was a long ways away, and so was Annabeth. I got to see her occasionally since she moved to New York, but for some reason redesigning Olympus for the gods could keep someone pretty busy. Mount Olympus had been destroyed over the summer in the battle with Kronos, and so had a lot of our campers. Silena lost Charles Beckendorf during a preemptive stri
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 13
Air forced itself out of my lungs when my back was thrust against the wall, my body crumpling to the metal tiling. I glared, the room was almost completely dark, the only light shaded through the moon from a small ceiling window that could have once been big enough for me to fit through.  I fought to regain my breath, but a strong hand crushed me between it and cold hard steel, shoved firmly against my chest.  The still air warmed, a metallic scent rose from hot breath that leaned way to close to my face, a burning contrast with a cold hand that ventured way past its boundaries.  I pushed him off, sending him three feet away from me. My voice hadn't found the bravery the rest of me did, and it died cold when a black figure growled in the shadows.  I tensed my muscles to prepare for another assault but my hands were caught and held above my head with the vice grip of a single fist.
"Where is your Sonic now."  His other hand tore off a st
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 12
Chapter 12
Sonic's POV
Everything was…normal. Looking around from my shaded place beneath an oak, I saw the dirt paths that indicated directions to houses, Amy's the most visible from my vantage point.  I had to blink before rising to my feet to get a better view, disbelieving the reality of it. Sunny skies, a soft wind teasing the grass, Amy tending to her garden with Cream, and Tails excitedly talking to a very bored looking Knuckles.  It was a dream? All of it? I stretched, letting my arms regain feeling after being stationary as a headrest, and sped toward Amy.
She looked up, eyes bright and exuberant, smile instantly finding its usual place from ear to ear.
"Hey Sonic!"
Cream spun around and hugged me. "Good morning Mr. Sonic. How was your nap?"
I smiled at her greeting, patting her on the head before turning my attention back to Amy. I inspected her closer; her face had lost its edge of fear with her ears held erect and her eyes staring the world head on
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Phantom Pregnancy
The sky breathed a husky blue that contrasted the fluffy muted signatures of the clouds; the more majestic of the crop of buildings the town offered boasted against the powerful skyline.  The unfamiliar terms of normalcy had settled like a dusk on inhabitants, who had, after a good deal of experience, come to terms with what such a sense of peace brought- something bigger to shatter it. Normal was thrown around loosely, long uprooted from the origins of its meaning in a town where a daily occurrence or an uneventful evening consisted of avoiding your dead mother-in-law or accidentally hooking up with a Plague victim. 'Normal", it seemed, actually contested its definition with its opposite; normal meant an uncomfortable ease where the games of tag played between the wind and tree branches at night brought about a sense of routine and reassurance that the world, or any scheming alternate universes, were about to play upon the silence to make a bomb sound louder. And indeed, thi
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 11
To Free or Not to Free Chapter 11
Amy's POV
I slumped against the metal encasing of the vessel, lacing my hands over my
stomach.  I had put up a fight for a bit, but I tired out quickly, turns out pregnancy
took a lot more than your figure.  He realized I wasn't up for a struggle, and shoved
me into a closet where I only had some dryer lint and dust bunnies to act as
companionship.  I missed Sonic. This wasn't Eggman, it was some hedgehog who
had no background, just a masked sinister figure cloaked in the shade of his own
mystery. I knew nothing about it, and with a sinking feeling I remembered Sonic
didn't either. This must have been the rouge Eggman mentioned, and from what
little I could gather about this guy, I honestly doubted he was the type to be in
cahoots with a joke of a genius. I leaned back my head, letting it rest against the
cold unwelcoming metal, the whole room seemed to be stained a heartless
depression of blue, and I longed to be back wit
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 10
Chapter 10
Amy's POV
When I awoke and walked into the kitchen, I was met by Tails, with his fur unkept
and bangs disheveled. He served some breakfast for himself.
He rubbed his eyes, revealing a drowsy face that longed for sleep.
He yawned and spoke with a slur. "Mornin' Amy. How'd ya sleep?"
I smiled at him; he probably woke up at 6:00 to work on some new design brought
into physical being. "Fine thanks."
I watched as the fox shuffled over to the counter to pour himself some orange juice.
"Want some breakfast?" He asked politely, stifling another yawn.
"Sounds good to me."
Tails got to work, moving quite fast and efficiently despite his obvious fatigue. Less
than 3 minutes later Tails produced a steaming plate of eggs and bacon. I almost
took my first bite of bacon when the scent became repulsive, and vomit filled my
mouth. I leapt up from my chair and slammed the door to the bathroom behind me.
Sonic walked in the room a moment later, looking over his shoulder at the
assaulted door.
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To Free or Not To Free Ch. 9
To Free or Not To Free Chapter 9
Amy's POV
The intruder smiled. "Of course. It wouldn't be a party without me."
Sonic frowned. "that's debatable."
The plastic smile on Eggman's face fell in false disappointment. "How rude. I come
all this way and this is what I get."
Sonic's gaze never wavered. "Don't you know when your nor wanted?"
A small flying figure materialized from behind his head. "If he paid attention to that
he'd never show up!"
Eggman pushed him down forcibly with a fat gloved hand. "Quiet, Bokkun!"
I stepped up beside Sonic and growled. "So what do you want anyway? "
"Other than your joyful company? My, my such bad manners."
Tails heaved in annoyance. "Get to the point already! Your wasting time."
Eggman let his beady eyes scan the area, most of the gathered party definitely more
annoyed than actually frightened. He had really lost his touch.
"I'm actually here as a warning." Eggman said, deciding it smart to hurry it up before
he got too badly injured.
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Chapter 8: To Free or Not to F
Chapter 8:To Free or Not to Free
Amy's POV:
I tilted my head over my shoulder leaning it towards the intrusion of the sound of
the front door being opened, followed by a set of quiet footprints.
Sonic was dripping wet from the onslaught of rain that had abruptly decided to
punish the world for some unknown crime. He had a look on his face that was a
terrible mix between anger and hurt, and they pooled together in a way that seemed
as if the rain had blended and dissolved them into themselves to create an emotion
that was neither, but rather a whole new league of confusion and disapointment
rolled into one blob obstructing any hint of a happy thought to pass onto his
features. His blue quills dripped tiny tear droplets of water after being penetrated
from the weather, leading the impression to dawn on me he hadn't run here. He
I shifted my feet uncomfortably against the aging hardwood. "Um… where's the ?"
"They didn't have any."  His voice was cold and hard, no tr
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Favourite style of art: anime or photography
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Okay, okay. I'd like to apologize for my excruciating lack, and infrequency of, updates to the fan fictions I write. As many of you who get constant "fave" notifications from me nearly every day know, I'm very much alive. But, I do owe an explanation. Even if you don't read this, it will make me feel better ^_^

To Free or Not to Free
So the last update I posted was a while ago. Actually, it was...January 6, 2011?! Wow. I didn't know it was THAT bad. So what do I have to say for myself? Well, the past couple of years have been busy. I know you guys hear this a lot, but I was busy with school. September 2011-June 2012 was my graduating year of high school, and I had a year crammed with chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, and english. Needless to say, free time was off the table. This summer was also very busy, as I was training for the day I'd been waiting years for- my blackbelt test! This required most of my time and occupied my stress faculties. Now, this school year is my first year of university! While this generally leaves me with even less time to write, I have the rest of December off :D So you can expect at least one chapter for this fic over the holidays, and I'm going to squeeze in chapters in the breaks. Additionally, it should be noted that, while I always, ALWAYS love Sonic, I have times where my interests lie in different fandoms, which become temporarily dominant, at any given time, and this continuously switches. So, while I could keep updating a Sonic fan fiction while I'm going through a How To Train Your Dragon or Danny Phantom phase, my heart wouldn't be fully in it- and that isn't fair to you guys or this fic. So! I really only write for this when I'm in the throes of a Sonic phase (which happens often, just not usually corresponding with time schedules for me to write), and I want to make sure that I keep everyone in character as much as I can. Also, I spend time reading other people's fan fictions when I get the rare opportunity, to see how others portray characters. Think of it as research... I like to see techniques other people use for writing (there's always something to be learned from other writers), as well as make sure I've got a clear idea of how the characters would react in the situation I'm putting them in.

Phantom Pregnancy
Readers of this fic are a bit more lucky, as I did update  another chapter a few months back, and have the next few currently in the works. But again, I'm in a "Sonic Phase" right now, and what I said above applies: If I'm not currently in a Danny Phantom phase, the fic won't be as good as it should be, so I'll wait until the inspiration strikes.

Thanks for putting up with me, guys. If you haven't unwatched me because of all this lack, then I salute you, and thank you kindly. :)

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